Brutto Onesie

BRUTTO IS MITCH’S FAVORITE DOG! He’s completely loyal and friendly to Mitch, and he’ll do anything to save Mitch when he’s in danger! Although he never spoke, he had no trouble communicating with Mitch. Brutto was also a bit of a troublemaker.

Brutto entered the entertainment business long before she became Mitch’s pet. In a 1930 film, The Chain Gang, Brutto appears for The first time as a police dog. The Picnic reappeared as minnie’s dog in The 1930 film, but it wasn’t until its third appearance in The Moose Hunt in 1931 that it was finally set as Mitch’s dog and has been with Mitch ever since.

Adults and children love this loyal and cute Brutto, so why not put on this cute kigurumi onesie? So that Brutto can sleep with you.Come and be Mitch’s best friend. I’m sure Mitch can’t wait to see you.


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