Adult Animal Costume For Women

Adult animal kigurumi costumes are among the hottest Halloween and costume ideas for kids, teens and adults. Kids love them because they’re so cute, cuddly. And adults enjoy them too because they are not only fun and affordable but also practical. Read on to learn more about these popular costumes.

Adult Animal Costume For Women
The My Little Ponyster Socks and Waistcoat from Japan are one of the most sought-after adult onesie costumes, especially for girls. This fully lined, hooded kimono-like costume has a pink, green Devil Kigurumi Onesies or blue plaid material with cartoon-style flaps. It has a waistband made of a light polyester mesh material and has a pair of attached ears. The dress-up onesie comes with two removable elasticized waistbands and there are washable flaps included in the costume. These adult animal kigurumi cosplay pajamas for girls come in sizes S through X-Small, with the pants having a slightly larger size than they do in adult ones.

The My Little Ponystern Socks and Waistcoat also come in adult sizes, as does the standard one-piece ensemble. They feature a flocked collar and hood with attached satin ribbon. The dress-up version has a deep red and white zigzag print, and there is a clear circle patch with detailed fans. Some versions have washable elastic waistbands and hoods, and others have clear circle patches as well.

The Bobox Animal Costume is another one of those fancy adult onesie costumes, and it features two different parts: the headpiece and the pawwear. The head piece is made out of a soft, flexible plastic that looks like a ski mask, and it features white ears and a bright yellow nose. The paws are also soft, but they are covered with Velcro to make it comfortable to wear. On the bottom of the headpiece is a Velcroed clasp. These adult onesie costumes for adults are available in adult sizes X-Small through Adult plus.

All of these kigurumi items can be personalized with your own name or the name of the event you are going to, printed onto the items. You can also have your photograph or image placed on the items, if you have one. Special events such as reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, and even Christmas, are great times to give kigurumi gifts to people you know and love. You can find some beautiful custom made ones to commemorate these special occasions, as well.

One thing you should remember before getting started with adult animal kigurumi is that it is not appropriate for children. This may seem contrary to what you are probably used to, but remember that this is a gift for an adult who is in their mid-thirties or even forties. Any adult animal who is in good health will appreciate having something that they can use for years to come. If you have a child who would enjoy giving a gift like this, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get started sooner rather than later.