What Watches You Can Take with You in original polar environment?

There is such a group of people in the world, they love challenging the limit and the unknown, they are often deep into the thick jungle, to explore the mysterious world that has never been found, they have the extraordinary wisdom and courage, with the most rigorous training, and the famous wilderness adventure lover Bear Grylls is one of them.

So when you are in the exploration, can you bring mechanical watch? Of course, the answer is yes, professional mechanical watch also has very good performance. In the exploration, the deepsea watch from Rolex, Blancpain fifty fathoms, Audemars Piguet royal oak also are great choices for you to accompanying your exploration, and only on the basis of making with steel or composite material, if you wear a between-gold, gold or ceramics wrist watch, that’s really funny. Senior professional level sporty watches in addition to the good waterproof performance and it is also very resistant, producing scratches is inevitable, but it can be polished to repair, so don’t worry too much. The most important thing is that a mechanical watch can freely run in most environments, to be reliable, stable and stronger resistant to the temperature difference, even in cold caves, rivers, or hot and dry desert, it can still provide the accurate and stable time.

In original polar environment, any equipment that needs signal seem to be pale, so a lot of wrist watches with the GPS or satellite pair, in the part of the environment will loss functions. Through some programs, we saw a real wild environment, and under the true wilderness environment, precise and reliable equipment can give more help, especially when you are taking the Rolex Explorer watch together with you, which has been tested under extremely hard environment and has excellent performance no matter where you are.

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