The Exhibition Of Skill–Piaget Ultra-thin Automatic Skeleton Tourbillon

Black Tie welcomes its brand-new Emperador Coussin 1270S with a amazing thickness of 8.85mm, refreshing its record in the ultra-thin automatic winding movement and would must drive collectors go after it. It has two different editions, including the white gold edition a classic rose gold edition. Both movements are golden. The elegance is expressed through the watch, and plus its movement, it builds a high recognition. What’s more, Piaget Ultra-thin Automatic Skeleton Tourbillon expresses two peak skills as it has years of rich experience in developing movements. Years passes, the new Emperador Coussin 1270S is the second automatic winding movement after 1270S.

Terrific Skeleton Skill
Since 1957, Piaget has been top in building top movements, and it masters the delicate skills in producing ultra-thin movements as it has 27 movements like this that breaks 15 records. The great innovations crossing over century lays the foundation as the No.1 in ultra-thin watches. Even a simple movement, get rid of its redundant components, is still the best and terrific one, one that is the fruit of the skills, duration and manual skills. With more simple or complicated movements come to exist, Piaget has more and rich types of movements, including six skeleton movements that could reflect its great ultra-thin movement tradition since it released the first 9P movement, a thin movement.

Skeleton movement is an skill that requires experiences, particularly the engraving process. What’s more, it requires a solid case and mechanical structures. Only the engravers with tons of experiences can achieve that. Emperador Coussin 1270S broke the watch structure and automatic winding system, becoming a great work in the world, this unique movement is the fruit of three years’ efforts and is placed within a tiny case that only measures 5.05 mm of its thickness. It is fitted with 225 components to make sure that the movement would not go wrong.

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