Fusion of Time and Glory-Piaget Limelight Twice

If we describe watch-making as a movie, Limelight then is the star under the spotlight, attracting tons of attentions. Limelight, inheriting the style of first patch of jewelry watches, keeps shining with its new features. Every one, no matter watches, jewelries or jewelry watches, really makes us excited. So here today we talk about a Limelight Twice and the official serial number is G0A36243.

Perpetuity, purity, and preciousness. Diamond is the best symbol of love. In the mere thousands of human histories, it is just hundreds years of history of diamonds. Before that, it was only connected with myths and religion. But now, we are able to learn it thoroughly, and it is no more mysterious to us, but more a symbol of love.

There are 54 round-cut diamonds that is inserted in the buckle. In the diamonds, Piaget adopts the highest standards. Every years, 30,000 carat of diamonds are produced by Piaget and every diamonds are tested with certificate.

Crown is hidden in the joint, and what you can see here is a button, to take place of the protruding crown, appearing the watch simple and graceful. As Limelight Twice is fitted with two 56P quartz movements, two lugs has hidden buttons to adjust times of two area. Quartz movements guarantee that Limelight Twice will have much more precision than a mechanical movements. Dial comes to important in the whole watch, as excellent inserting techniques can make this watch look flawless. In addition to the movement, dial design takes up a great proportion when measuring the value of a watch. The single dial design is the best and simple way, but it requires tons of efforts to achieve as designers need to take the pattern design and inserting on dial into consideration. This Limelight Twice appears to its best way and the perfect look matches the high-end materials which contributes to a best watch for a lady.

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