Brown PP-Patek Philippe 5496P-014

2014 is the Steel year for Patek Philippe as we have introduced the Patek Philippe 5960/1A. In addition to this steel watches, we could not forget Patek Philippe suite watch. In the 2014 novelties of replica swiss watches, Patek Philippe 5496-014 got our attention with its brown color. Patek Philippe 5496P is by no means a new watch, and in 2011 it launched the white dial one. At the same time, the movement and layout are not specially designed, as 324 S QR movement has been applied to Patek Philippe 5159 which is unique Patek Philippe watch.

The case choose the traditional Calatrava-slanted bezel. Just like the white edition, this 54960014 is made of platinum, and all the settings adopts the sinking buttons to prevent any mistaken operation. Patek Philippe 5496P has a reasonable size-39.5mm of the case diameter and 11.19 mm of thickness-It is helpful in wearing comfortable. In the wrist, the big dial and simple case highlight the watch’s size. AS we have a sapphire mirror here, we could gain a glance at the inner part of it where you would amaze at how those micro-machines work. It is not like the Patek Philippe 5140 with a micro-rotor 240 Q, Patek Philippe 5496P is driven by 324 QR. From those encoding, we could conclude that it has a central second, perpetual calendar, reverse jumping. The movement is a Patek Philippe Cal.324. It is wound up by central automatic winding system and has 45 hours of energy reserve. Another amazing part is the Gyromax balance wheel-Patek Philippe hairspring balance wheel that could make sure the precision of time. Perpetual calendar is based on the original movement. Although it measures 5.35mm, this is a reasonable size.

For the moment of the Patek Philippe 5496P-014, it is worthy expecting: manual chamfering, Geneva de cotes, polishing screws, golden glove… the yellow rotor is a round Geneva de cotes on it and a beautiful engraving pattern.

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