A Brief History to Cartier Santos 1904

When speaking of the criterion of a pilot watch, many people could think of many features, such as its functionality, its reading, etc. Cartier is brand that close wedge itself into this criterion. Unlike other pilot watches, it still sticks to its own spirit instead of following the trend.

Flying on the sky has long been humans dreams. When people risked their life and flied to the skied, the whole world hold its breath and just looked, as it known to all, the earliest was produced by Wright brothers in 1903, and as the earliest pilots, Alberto Santos-Dumont shared the same fame. In this historical moments, this is a little episode that later became a good story on everyone’s lip. Alberto Santos-Dumont is a good friend to Cartier and in the 1904 Cartier designed its first Santos De Cartier, thus starting its way in building different pilot watches.

Over a long time, Alberto Santos-Dumont has tried to improve its boat seaplane and during that period of time he won some prizes and become a millionare. Until 1906, he switched his focus from boat seaplane to a heavier flying plane. In 1905, his finish his design on a fixed wing plane. In October 1906, his 14 Bis trial flight achieved success, and become the set the first record in the international aviation association. The main aerial histricians thought that it is Wright brothers who built a flying object that was heavier than air. Actually, Wright brothers invented ejected flying in the trail to successfully fly on the air while Alberto Santos-Dumont uses wheel undercarriage, and it flied into air with force coming from itself. Technologically, the first fixed wing plane is 14 Bis.

Back then, the technology is in the trial and it cost more time to measure and watches just became popular among men and only a few women has watches.

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